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I'm Kimberly, teenage girl of the USA. I play The Sims 2 in my spare time. Feel free to message me. :)
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just a tip if you suffer from acne: wash your face with boiling water. it will kill off any bacteria present on your face

It will also kill any face present on your face.

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WE HAVE A FACE, NAME, AND AGE. (Course that info is not gonna be disclosed to the general public)

Okay so

This random guy is sending me dickpics on snapchat right? He wont even show me his whole face like bro I wont know who you are either way which makes it all that much weirder.

reblog if you want your followers to tell you one thing they secretly think about you

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Someone new should add me on snapchat.

So far I’ve only got one friend from tumblrs snapchat. Come o guys lets make ugly faces togetheeeeer.




And now it’s my turn to call upon the people of tumblr for aid:

My friend David has Niemann-Pick Disease. It is an extremely rare disease (only 1200 worldwide reportedly have it) in which “sphingomyelin builds up in the body, causing cells to die and making it harder for certain organs to work properly.” As you can see above, he is 18 years old. The average person with NPD will die before turning 20. David understands this and has only one goal he’d like to complete before turning 20: to spread awareness and encourage other adolescents with life-endangering diseases. What better way to do this than be in an article read by thousands of people across the US?

Every year USA Today runs a contest titled “The Inspiration.” The winner will receive $1000 for their school’s athletic department along with an interview which will be put in USA Today. TONIGHT IS THE LAST DAY FOR VOTING. THE DEADLINE IS TUESDAY, APRIL 15 AT 12PM EST.

  • Nothing is required for voting. No name, email, cell, etc. Simply type in a 4-character verification code and hit enter.
  • If you vote more than 10 times and inbox me the verification codes you’ve typed in, I will:
    make you a sim
    follow your blog AND reblog multiple original posts
    follow your twitter AND retweet one of your tweets

Please help me support David. He’s honestly one of the most extraordinary people I’ve ever met and I just want to help him fulfill his goal. He’s currently in 2nd place and I know you guys can boost him to 1st.



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Lemon went out and bought a horse! His name is Cloud and he’s yet to throw her off.

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